african boerboel
boerboel puppies
Welcome to the Greeff family of Afrika Boerboels

We are a family of three, my father Hannes, mother Machel and me Karlien. We enjoy our boerboels and share this wonderfull breed with friends and dog fanciers. Hannes was first introduced to a boerboel in 1948 when he was a small boy having a boerboel.

My grandmother always told the following story that Hannes sometimes walked away from home to his Aunts shop that was situated opposite the Post Office and a block away from her home. Ou Vlek (see photo) always accompanied my father and pushed him from the road to the sidewalk in the right direction to the place where there was plenty of sweets.

Years later he heard from a pigeon friend that a few breeders was looking into starting a Boerboel association. He joined the SABT and wanted to be member nr 55 but they were already passed number 58 and put his name for number 555 and said he would wait for more members to register. Today we are member nr 555.

We are a small boerboel clan that started with our first boerboel in 1993 Boelie that was graded and got 78% which was very good at the time. We decided not to breed with him because he had too much bull mastiff in him. We then bought Ghani, Tinka and Yster and had a litter once a year. Later we heard that two boerboels were available from the Rustverwacht bloodline bred by Jan de Jager member nr 1 and bought Lulu and Yoyo.

Our decisions of breeding was unanimous. We make use of local breeders males for breeding and we all must agree on the same male before we decide on a mating with one of our females. A male is used for mating no more than two litters with the same female to keep the gene pool small. Our combinations are well thought through, planned and studied to have the best possible outcome, two parents bloodlines compliment each other to breed a better next generation.

Hannes is an experienced pigeon racer for 40 years and has knowledge of line breeding, inbreeding and combining bloodlines. Karlien has experience in looking after our dogs, she worked as a student part time at her local vet to broaden her knowledge on dogs while she finishing her studies for a Bsc degree. She is also responsible socialing and training all our dogs. Machel is the glue that keeps this family together. She looks after the mothers to be and make sure that our adult boerboels and pups bedding is always clean and warm. All of us attend seminars that are held by breed associations, research departments and Vetenarians.

Today 2009, 14years later we have buildt one of the most beautiful kennels for our dogs, specialized welping facilities for the raise of our pups. Afrika Boerboels has expanded into a full breeding program showing generations of the quality we have bred so far and continuing. Hannes has retired, continuing with his racing and love for his pigeons. Karlien has expanded our breeding dogs, taken up another section of business by doing shipments for fellow breeders and our own dogs, added another breed of Miniature Schnouzers. Machel is still taking care of us and our youngsters

2012 we upgraded our kennels again to have the very best for our boerboels.

2019 Karlien Greeff of Afrika Boerboels was awarded breeder of the year by SA Studbook, was a huge milestone