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Exercise is as important for your boerboels as it is for you. Some boerboels are more energetic than others and the mount of exercise you give your boerboel should be appropriate for the their growth stage. However what stage your boerboel is in they need their daily walks - for both physical and mental fitness.

Boerboels that are cooped up and not allowed to run and exercise regularly, become bored and frustrated which can lead to destructive behavior. It is also important psychologically for them to see what's beyond their boundaries. Dogs "read the news" on pavements to see who has passed that way, and leave their scent to let other dogs know that they have been there.

Regular walks keep them up to date with local dog gossip. Walking should be a fun activity, and your boerboel will enjoy it all the more if the collar and leash are correct. Webbing collars are soft and ideal for pups, while leather or chain may be better for when they are adults.

Always walk your boerboel on your left hand side. Hold the loop of the leash in your right hand and regulate the length with your left taking care not to make it too taut. Playing with your boerboel is another important aspect of exercise, and it builds an excellent relationship between you and your boerboel. Consider frisbees, pull-ropes, squeaky toys and rawhide chews for you boerboel.

When you're not around, leave some toys for your boerboel - it's a good idea to rotate their favorites so they don't become bored. Boerboels love chewing and playing while they are in their teething stage and a chew toy can keep them entertained for hours.