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First days    
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Be cheerful and encouraging with your new puppy. Give him lots of affectionate attention, and let him explore his new surroundings and become familiar with them. Loud noises, crowds of strangers, and noisy children may scare him, gradually expose him more to noise once his stettled at home. Week 8-12 is important exposure to noise.

Initally Don't punish your pup or speak harshly to him, even if he has had an accident or makes a mess. At this early point the only thing a puppy learns from your reprimands is to fear you. A happy experience in his first few days at home will have a lasting, positive effect on your pet's attitude.

After your puppy has become accustomed to his new home, and to you and your family, you can begin to expose him to others. Take him to a family gathering or to meet the neighbours. Boerboels are instinctively social, and your puppy will be eager for friendly contact. Don't leave your puppy alone for long periods of time.

Ensuring your boerboel puppy remains a friendly happy dog, you the new owner will mold his caracter by continuesly participate with your pup from 12weeks to 2years is basic socializing and obedience training and you will enjoy your boerboel, your best friend up to his old age of 9-13years.