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We have semen also available for export Linga Longa Harley

Son of Afrika Havannah -Afrika Rubels(Gretchen Ruby x Afrika Damarkus) x LingaLonga Zalyn

Harley is son of Afrika Havannah, the grandson of Afrika Zulu, he will follow in his fathers pawprints to continue the line of sweet gentle gaints, always excellent temprament.

12 Months

HD: A2-A2

ED: 0-0

SABBS: LNR 85.3% 15months


  Afrika Buks  

Son of Makhulu Rafa x Afrika Moena

Buks is very energetic active and lively male, always on the move, promising youngster


ED: 0-0

SABT: 84.5%

Age:14 Months


  Makhulu Rafa  

Son of Mighty Bismark x Mighty Lula

Rafa has the ideal size and conformation that matches the breedstand. Perfect conformation. Correct, Wonderful temprament. He is a lengend amongst good studmales

Rafa is one of a few males that breeds impressive sons one generation after another

HD :B1-B1

ED: 0-0

SABBS: 91%

Age: 15 Months - 8years


  Afrika Sakabuka  

Sakabuka, agile, tall, biggest male ever with a perfect topline, prominent thick bone and correct agulation. One of the few big males to have correct posture for such a big size male and that can acctually run a few miles despite his big size. The best temprament, easy male to work with

Sakabuka is our biggest male, already famous.

Our aim with Sakabuka is not to breed bigger males but to sustain big and strong size in our breedings

His now 6half years




HD A1-A1

ED: 0-0

SABBS: 11months 86.1%

Appraised: 22 Months 90.6%



Nationals 2018

5years and older winner

  Afrika Kallas  

Kallas un underestimated male that breeds offspring better and bigger than himself. A combination of Afrik Kantara 87%(Afrika Jenny x Pinnacle Havock) xMiddelpos Alpha 97%

Compact, balanced, always sweet alert, ready for action, in a good mood for fun. Excellent agulation.

Afrika Kallas



SABBS: 87% @`16months


  Elevation Tankwa  

Promising young male, A combination of Afrika Thandi x Elevation Pepsi 87%)

Compact, balanced, Excellent movement, prominant bone, tick pasterns excellent angulation

His a doubleup on Groenberg Rambo x Nostras Rocky.

Elevation Tankwa



SABBS: 83% @`12months

LNR 20 months 85.3%

75kg weight

70cm tall


  Afrika Tommelom

Tommolom, is one of our future males, very excited about.

Tommelom has a more mastiff like head, very big and blocky, thick prominent bone and muscular chect, yet over angulated, lots of muslce and sweet temprament.


Tomemmloms parents: (Afrika Blitzy 94% x Middelpos Alpha 97%)

his siter is Afrika Moena


Afrika Tommelom



SABBS: 83% @`12months

@ 24month LNR 88.3%









  Afrika Patron  

Son of Afrika Potifar x Targus Romi, spitting image of his father Potifar. He will follow in Potifars footprints to continue his line of excellence.

Patron has a wonderful nature, he looks very intimidating with his strong face and poise but a lovely male.

He breeds his fathers stamp continuesly in looks, strong pigmentation and buildt.

We love you lots!

Afrika Patron

HDA2-A2 ED0-0

SABT: 92%

AGE Appraised: 14MONTHS 88%

3years 92%


  Afrika RamboMax



RamboMax has the linage of our old male Afrika Oskar, with Groenberg Rambo, he has a strong head and neck, muscle and bone, very athletic active male despite his big size is he swift on movement

Afrika RamboMax son of Afrika Gretel, Gretel sister to our famous Afrika Oskar x Groenberg Rambo



SABBS: 83% @`12months

@ 20month LNR 86.3%

@3years 88.3%



Rubenstein is an outcross linage for us, he breeds volume, bone, head and bone, his characteristic face and beautiful red color makes him stands out, he is loved and admired by many as we do love to show him.


Mes Rubenstein

son of Mes Lize x Groenberg Rambo



SABBS:LNR 89.9% @`1 2months









Dantor son of Afrika Dalita x Afrika RamboMax all our greats{Afrika Ruby, Afrika Dekota, Afrika Damarkus, Afrika Gretel, Afrika Oskar} he is our next generation of preserving all our old linage of great legends putting into one strong male to continue our Afrika Linage

He is a heavy set male, male amonst males with volume bone heavy head and neck, depth and width like no other.

Afrika Dantor 85%

son of Afrika Dalita x Afrika RamboMax

15 months









Bundu is a tall youngster, comibnation of Makhulu Rafa/Middelpos Alpha/ /Groenberg Rambo

Youngster - Afrika Bundu


Son of Afrika Contessa x Afrika RamboMax 10months



Samba is following his fathers pawsteps, a gentle Sakabuka son

Youngster - Afrika Samba


Son of Plaaswag Jabulani x Afrika Sakabuka 11months


Youngster - Mes BosUil


Son of Mes Mishatjie x Mes Mascot 10months