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How much will your boerboel puppy cost?
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1.) An Afrika boerboel with HD3-3, ED3-3 or worse will be replaced when the displasia status is certified by a Veterinarian. A copy of the x-rays, stating micro chip number and vet report must be supplied.

2.) Vaginal Prolapse

3.) Meet the minimum requirements for registration 75% he/she will attain at the age of 1 year and above 80% older than two years. Our boerboels grade at the age of 9-15 months 79-84% and older than 16 months 82 % and higher. Testing must done before 24 months.

The following conditions is important:

Puppy socializing and basic training is a must for the new owner and also our puppy!
No excessive exercise or jumping.
Lots of love and attention.
Proper nourishment
We recommend Purina Proplan, Royal Canine/ Propac Large breed or Expert Large Breed.
Afrika boerboels do not replace a boerboel due to injury, malnourishment or obesity.
Afrika Boerboels will not replace a boerboel if he or she has already produced an offspring.

Purchasing an Afrika boerboel you can trust that your puppy was raised in :
A loving and caring environment
Vaccinations and de-worming up to date
Pups exported is micro chipped
Raised on Propac Large Breed puppy
Socialized and taken on road trips, potty trained
Frontlined against ticks and fleas.

Afrika Boerboels get the best possible start in life and expect from the new owner to continue helping his/her boerboel to be the best he/she can be for the family he/she will be part of for the rest of his/her life.

Purchasing a boerboel is only the beginning. You will need to consider food, shelter or bedding (bear in mind that pups often chew their bedding and it will need to be replaced), medical costs (checkups, vaccinations, parasite treatment, unexpected illnesses or injuries) toys and accessories, grooming, boarding and obedience training.

No garantee is provided with purchase of breeding quality pup at local price in rand.