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Your puppy's place      
Your Dogs
Your puppy needs a place of his own.

Give him a dog bed inside a pen in a warm , draught-free corner. Your puppy will use this place to rest and sleep and he will feel safe and protected there. Add some warm, washable bedding (like an old blanket or towel) and your puppy's place is complete.

Respect your puppy's privacy when he's in his special place: Don't just reach in and pull him out, let him come out by himself. Don't let children bother or tease him. He needs to feel that he's safe when he's in his special place.

Try not to leave him locked there for long periods, and don't banish him to his place when he's been bad. Doing that will convince him that it's a place of punishment rather than a comforting refuge.

You will be glad you gave your pup his own place when he goes there for his naps or happily snuggles down for the night without whimpering and crying. And you will know that he's not getting into any mischief, even when you can't be there to watch him.