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Toilet Training

We are all keen to toilet train our dogs. It is quite easy to teach a dog not to soil in the house and indicate when he wants to go outside to relieve himself.

Start training your puppy as soon as he arrives at his new home. If you watch your puppy closely, you will soon recognise the signs when he wants to urinate or ... Defaecation and urination occur most frequently within ten minutes after waking up and after meals.

Always take him outside to the same, chosen spot at the following times:
First thing in the morning
After each meal
On waking form sleep
After physical excercise (e.g.playing)
When he shows signs that he wishes to go outside
Before going to bed

Always let him walk out with you, rather than carrying him, since this will teach him the route and he will learn to go to the door when he wants to go outside. Praise him or her every time your boerboel performs in the required place.

Spend at least five minutes with him or until he has relieved himself. Put some newspaper on the floor, near the door at night. It may initailly help if you use newspaper which has been used to absorb urine, since the smell would attract him.

Limit his movements during night times in order to ensure that he does not develop habits, such as urinating somewhere in the house where you would not notice.

By keeping his meals at regular times, exercising and playing at the same times daily and taking him outside as described above, your puppy will soon learn good habits.