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Updated:26 June 2020

Our pups ready and for sale now, contact me at

watsupp 082 820 2330 or

facebook Karlien Greeff / Afrika Boerboels



Afrika Masadi{Afrika Penny x Afrika Romulus} 87% x Afrika Ghutner(Dorsland Emma x Mes Rubenstein) 84.8%


Afrika Ester{Afrika Rushka x Mighty Bismakr} 87% x Afrika Ghutner(Dorsland Emma x Mes Rubenstein) 84.8%


1 Beautiful male pup

Afrika Judy(Plaaswag Jabilani 87% x Afrika Sakabuka 90%) 83% x Afrika Ghutner(Dorsland Emma 86% x Mes Rubenstein 89.6%) 84.8%


Afrika Rusty 84.8%{Afrika Ciska 89% x Mes Rubenstein 89.7%} x Afrika Tommelom 88.4%(Afrika Blitzy 93% x Middelpos Alpha 97%)

Litter of 10 pups born now 5weeks old


Afrika Sakabeki 89% (Afrika Rura 90% x Afrika Sakabuka 90%) x

Elevation Tankwa 85,9% (Middelpos Stella 86%x Elevation Pepsi 86.7%)



Elevation Emma 86.7% x Mes Rubenstein 89.6%


KS Monroe x Afrika Ghunter


Coming combinations July/August 2020

DeoHan Ziggy 86% x Afrika Ghunter 84.8%

Mes Misha x Afrika Sakabuka/Samba


September 2020

Afrika Ralie 85% x Mes Rubenstein

Afrika Opium x Afrika Sakabuka


IF you have send me an email, expect a reply within 72 hours. If no reply then I did not recieve your email
and you need to try the aditional email supplied or can send me an sms or wattsupp with your email adress or can chat on facebook messenger Karlien Greeff.

! Secure your reservation with a DEPOSIT. No reservation taken seriously or secured without a deposit !

For more information, please contact us:; 082 820 2330 or 082 931 1111

South Africans coming to visit, please inform breeders if you have visited other breeders within the same week, visitors is unintentionally spreading disseases through contact like parvo from one kennel to the next. Try to limit your visits one breeder per day, wear a new set of clothes and shoes. Inform breeder so that disinfectant can be sprayed apon arrival.

South African Clients - Our pups is all potty trained, if you want your puppy to be pottytrained, please bring any extra newspapers at home with! We always have a shortage of newspaper.