african boerboel

Responsible pet ownership is a pleasure
Your Dogs
Pet ownership can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life. A well-cared-for-dog makes and excellent and loyal friend (mental health), gives one a good reason to go for a walk or jog, provide certain amount of protection and teaches children a sense of responsibility. For these reasons and numerous other, many people perceive their dogs as part of the family.

Responsible puppy care is easy and enjoyable, provided that you start in the right way and organise yourself properly. Special attention should be paid to the following aspect:
Housing and bedding
Parasite control (internal and external)
Here are some guidelines feeding your puppy. Measuring of food by measuring cup of Eukanuba Large Breed puppy. Please note that these measures were tested on Afrika Boerboels in South Africa's climate and may fluctuate with other countries.